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Affiliate Partners & Influencers

What is an Affiliate Partner?

You are a blogger, social media influencer or brand. You have a large network. You're well-connected. You know how to promote the products that mean something to you.

How does it work?

Affiliates promote festival gear products to their network and offer them a discount as an incentive to purchase. Each affiliate partner receives a unique coupon code that they share with their network. We also use this to track commissions. After they receive their unique coupon code it may be shared and used as often as they like.

What's in it for me?

    Affiliate Partners earn between 10 and 15 percent commission on all sales purchased with their unique coupon code. There is no cap on commissions. T
    They are paid once every 30 days.
    Affiliate Partners may receive a free Festival Gear merchandise too.

    Ready To Sign Up?

    Send an email to hello@festivalgear.co Tell us what kind of influencer you are( blogger, dj, affiliate company)  and send us a link to your social feeds, and any other relevant info that makes you a good fit.

    The Festival Gear Team