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FG Campus Rep


                           What is a Festival Gear Campus Rep?

As a Campus Rep, you are the face of Festival Gear at your school. You're well-connected. You're involved on campus. You rally the troops and most of all you love music Festivals

                                     How does it work?

You connect us with potential buyers on your campus. It's easy! In a fraternity or sorority? On a sports team? Have friends? (We know you do...) All you have to do is spread the word about Festival Gear on your campus, spread the word, and make some sales.

                                      What's in it for me?

We are well aware that all college students looking for jobs tend to want 2 things: extra spending money and something to put on their resumé. FG Campus Reps earn commission and get marketing and sales experience.

                                        The Details

  • FG Campus Reps are assigned their own unique sales code for tracking.They are sent weekly reports with their sales.  
  • After you reach $150 in sales you get a free shirt from the Send Nudes collection and  Festival Gear Nylon bag, Festival Gear Sunglasses and their own campus rep business cards. 
  • Top performing FG Campus reps can earn free Festival Gear merchandise, FESTIVAL Tickets and Amex & Visa Gift Cards. 
  • You're one of the few TRULY awesome people on campus working hard and playing hard


Send inquiries to issen@festivalgear.co