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Rave Ball Light Show LED Speaker

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The Rave Ball Light show LED speaker turns any dark room into an intimate event. You'll experience your music like never before as the tunes flow and the lights dance in the dark.

 The Sound Candy Rave Ball powered by LiveLights Technology is the best Bluetooth speaker for your next house party, after party or outdoor camping event. Everyone will want to know where the lights came from!

  Product Description:

  • Bluetooth light show speaker with a special built in rotation motor that gives a spinning effect like a real disco ball. Powerful enough to completely fill a 2,000 square foot room with lighting effects.
  • Play your favorite music stored on an USB drive or Micro SD card on the Rave Ball’s built in MP3 player.
  •  Auxiliary cable allows you to plug directly into your smartphone, radio or any device with a headphone jack. 
  • 4 different Light Modes with different rotating lighting effects and colors. 
  • FM Radio with digital LCD Display to see the stations. 
  • Rechargeable for up to 4 hours of play


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